Sunday, September 2, 2007

Old dog track on the outskirts of Arizona

visit for your Arizona travel needsWhile driving out towards California on the I10 from Arizona, I would always see this old abandoned dog race track not far from the FWY. I had always wondered what it must look like inside and what the story behind it was. Although I have never found out any historical information about the old dog race track, I was able to get inside and take some really cool photos.

A while ago I went driving around the dog track to see how one would gain entrance to it. It was not as easy as you might think. There is only one way into the track and it's a small opening in a chain link fence which has a few old trailers behind it. I assume people live in the trailers because there were kids toys scattered all over the dirt as well as old equipment, for what I have no idea. It gave me a "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" feeling so I just floored it and drove straight to the track.

Anyway, this is a slide show of the best photos I took when I was there. They are 5 seconds long and there are about 37 I think total. There was some real interesting things to look at, however the whole place is infested with birds and has about 2 feet of bird crap everywhere!

Have a look at my video!


  1. I have driven by that place a bunch of times and always wondered what it was. I can see how it would be a bit creepy... but you took some awesome photos!

  2. Thanks for your comment Gina! It was kinda scary being inside that huge place, but the photos were worth it. Take care :)

  3. Me and about 10 friends went into it. its really cool alot of pl say its haunted but i have never seen anything so we just party on the roof . but almost got caught by the rent-a-cops they shined t spollight at us the cops got there quick but we got out before they could see us. it was fun

  4. "It gave me a "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" feeling so I just floored it and drove straight to the track." LoL.

    Well thanks for posting this. My wife was going crazy trying to find out what this building was on the way home from AZ, and she finally found your blog.

    Nice pics, and good to see you made it out alive.

  5. i have been inside the dog track in the dead of night with my buddies. heard footsteps amd never found out what caused them. that place is so creepy at night. we found a hole in the ground and inside it where dog bones!! creeped me the fuck out! never exlpored the whole thing. mainly kept near the staircase. i wanted to see the locker room but didnt see it. the loading dock is pretty scary. reminded me of silent hill or something.

  6. Here is some background on the track that you blogged about:

    It wasn't a dog track, but it does indeed have an interesting history!

  7. There's a classic 50 years after people. From the ashes of a failed flaming stupid business idea arises a big flock of birds, the Phoenix lives on. Right in our own backyard. This is a monument that says, "A fool and his money is soon parted." And,"timing is everything." Where is that nut that built it, I have a home in Avondale I'd like to sell him.

  8. I know what you mean about Avondale. I hope it gets better in time. I know first hand that they need a huge change in command at the Avondale PD.

    There are a lot of good areas in Avondale, however the police don't seem to care about much.


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